Dircenna jemima et al

depending on the webpage or the book you're looking at, the classification of the jemima group of Dircennas  is different;

it goes from:

    - one species, jemima, with five subspecies: jemima, chiriquensis, klugii, varina and visina,

    - to five species, with the same names,

    - and often, and particularly on butterfliesofamerica, you find jemima with only four ssp, klugii being considered as a species in its own right.

(there is also reynoldsi Neild 2008, but we never collected a specimen)

and things shouldn't get any better as five to ten new ssp would be in preparation?


we do not discuss these arrangements, we only present, in the section below, specimens we collected at various locations; and then we raise a question regarding the southernmost populations.


San Luis Potosi, Mexico


Vera Cruz/Oaxaca limit, Mexico


Palenque, Mexico


San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico


Lanquìn, Guatemala


Alta Vera Paz/Baja Vera Paz limit, Guatemala


Copàn, Honduras


Costa Rica/Panamà limit, Pacific side


Cotacachi West, Ecuador - 100 m


Sangay East, Ecuador - 1300 m


in Panama, and in Ecuador East and West of the Andes, we have three completely different looking phenotypes;

how do we go from one of these three phenotypes to the other? we'd love to know what's happening in Colombia?