Tithorea tarricinia

Nine subspecies from Mexico to Bolivia for Tithorea tarricinia; here are the various phenotypes we collected.


Hidalgo, Mexico


Puebla, Mexico


Chiapas, Mexico

Atitlan volcano, Guatemala

more specimens from Guatemala would be most welcome!


Honduras, Atlantic coast


centro Costa Rica


San Vito, Costa Rica


Lago de Fortuna, Chiriquì, Panama


Cordillera de Merida, Venezuela


Antioquia, Colombia


Boyaca, Colombia


Cali, Colombia


Napo, Ecuador


Zamora Chinchipe, Ecuador


Huànuco, Peru


Junìn, Peru



we have no precise location for this butterfly collected on january IIth 1979, but this is the only specimen we know from Bolivia,



it is funny to see that:

    - the two wide orange lines starting from the base of the FW,

    - and the two black streaks near the apex of the HW,

typical of Mexico populations,

are back on South Peru specimens, when they seem to be totally absent from Central America to Southern Ecuador.

it would  be particularly interesting to have more specimens from Guatemala, Southern Colombia and Northern Peru.