Rareuptychia clio

Rareuptychia clio is known as :

  • a very rare species,
  • restricted to a small area on the intersection of Brasil, Bolivia and Peru borders,
  • in primary forest,
  • at elevations of less than 700 m.




in Sangay NP we found :

  • four males Rareuptychia clio,
  • right in the center of Ecuador,
  • at elevations of 1000 to 1400 m,
  • the four of them along a path,
  • for two of them in a beautiful forest,
  • for the other two in a clump of trees in a sea of grassland.



there are visible differences between these two populations (and ever-present on our four specimens),


                            Sangay                                              Peru







and we have 1600 km between these two populations.




so, any information regarding Rareuptychia clio would be highly valuable,

it would be surprising that this butterfly would not fly somewhere between

these two locations, in Acre in Brasil? in Amazonas in Peru?